Halsey - Graveyard

Публикуван на 8.10.2019 г.
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Graveyard by Halsey out now. halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD
Spotify: halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD/spotify
Apple Music: halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD/applemusic
Amazon: halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD/amazon
iTunes: halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD/iTunes
Google Play: halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD/google-play
Director: Anton Tammi
Producer: Tarquin Glass & Targa Sahyoun
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Music video by Halsey performing Graveyard. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC

  • Ashley Morvant

    Ashley Morvant

    преди 29 минути

    Ok I’m so late on this probably but I never realized that her real name is Ashley and she switch the h and the A in her name and Halsey ❤️

  • Jamal Maddox

    Jamal Maddox

    преди 58 минути

    I luv You Halsey

  • Chubby Girl

    Chubby Girl

    преди час

    Lovely 😍💋

  • lynd Parrish

    lynd Parrish

    преди час

    I’m here because Hulu keeps playing her commercial

  • Mike Delauter

    Mike Delauter

    преди 2 часа

    The sound of her voice and the bass rhythm. . . . "Yeaaaaagh" ;)

  • kim zozo

    kim zozo

    преди 3 часа

    Wooooow halsey
    i love you

  • Un-Ordinary 01

    Un-Ordinary 01

    преди 4 часа

    When Amish see a carnival

  • El Oosa

    El Oosa

    преди 6 часа


  • José María

    José María

    преди 7 часа

    I love the song but the video i think it could be more creative

  • Mad


    преди 8 часа

    I thought this was a scene from Euphoria for a second...

  • Joona Martinez

    Joona Martinez

    преди 9 часа

    Te amo ♥️

  • Joelso Dias

    Joelso Dias

    преди 9 часа

    MY BABY 💖💫

  • Linzy gotini

    Linzy gotini

    преди 9 часа

    Sydney ❤😍

  • Palmera Zace

    Palmera Zace

    преди 10 часа

    i did a cover of halsey’s ‘graveyard’. if you’re at all interested, please visit my channel and listen to it and let me know what you think. thank you! :) x

  • Joel Holmes

    Joel Holmes

    преди 13 часа

    Tour Australia

  • Nikita Nair

    Nikita Nair

    преди 15 часа

    She is such an amazing artist and she always fascinates me ❤️❤️ This song is truly underrated 😭
    *(BTW I'm getting Melanie Martinez vibes from this video)*

  • Lily Douaa

    Lily Douaa

    преди 17 часа

    Halsey😭😍I can’t explain hi how much I love you 😘💕❤️ really you are very precious to me🥰😘❤️❤️this song is amazing and firee💕💓💘💗💖❤️😍💜💜💜

  • Tina Ok

    Tina Ok

    преди 20 часа

    La chica es la de Euphoria verdad??

  • Anna's Thoughts and Musical Parodies

    Anna's Thoughts and Musical Parodies

    преди 21 час

    Yay! A new musician who is actually talented, interesting and kind of original! I'm seriously excited! Sounds a little autotuned at some points, but not in a bad way...

  • XxGamer_GirlxX


    преди 22 часа

    For some strange, strange reason I got k-12 vibes. Just me?

  • S W

    S W

    преди 23 часа

    ed i would have followed my love to the grave but i donny jay and nada see me for money matto i am i a real perso wow who do you think raped me bc at 18 jays cousin while watched it happen wtf how e these my friends i dont have friends bc its easier to for me to remember what est enough stephanie should have never traveled out of edge

  • Carla Alvarenga

    Carla Alvarenga

    преди ден

    I looooove this song. i’ve been listening to the acoustic version on repeat the whole day.

  • Crystal Taylor

    Crystal Taylor

    преди ден

    I never hurd but i like it i could dance

  • Popo 92ch

    Popo 92ch

    преди ден

    Halsey dancing with a Star ? 🤔 oh yes please haha

  • Rafael catalina

    Rafael catalina

    преди ден

    Now why did i think this was Daya who sung this song? It sorta has her vibe in it.

  • Daniel Charles

    Daniel Charles

    преди ден

    Best singer:-
    Camila-like + subscribe +comment
    Cardi B-Dislike

  • Isabella Fernandes

    Isabella Fernandes

    преди ден

    Perfeita demais

  • Kim Pirulito

    Kim Pirulito

    преди ден

    Cadê os Brasileiro gente ;-;

  • Sara of Isla

    Sara of Isla

    преди ден

    *"it's funny how the warning signs can feel like they're butterflies"* 
    best line of this song.
    i made a cover of it, pls check it out if you have a minute

  • Danette Guiboche

    Danette Guiboche

    преди ден

    I didnt care about this song at first. Then realized later, wow this is the song I didnt care about, and now I like it lol

  • RJ Bernard

    RJ Bernard

    преди ден

    This song is literally my life, i love him so much id die for him. All the way to the graveyard jd all the way.



    преди ден

    Must be nominated for academy

  • Esraa Rashwan

    Esraa Rashwan

    преди ден

    The make very good friends

  • Luan Rocha

    Luan Rocha

    преди ден

    ow, essa mina parece a Cassie do Euphoria



    преди ден

    This is my fav song of the year. LUV HALSEY FROM THAI FANS🤞🤞🤞

  • Ziggy Gunz

    Ziggy Gunz

    преди ден

    Her voice is like edible underwear for my ears, sweet and sensual all at the same time.

  • best gamer vfl

    best gamer vfl

    преди ден


  • Rebecca Howell

    Rebecca Howell

    преди ден

    This had been Niall's favourite songs for awhile now. I get why

  • Wesley Nelson

    Wesley Nelson

    преди ден

    Good song -

  • salsa rifdhaa

    salsa rifdhaa

    преди ден

    the girl is cassie right? from euphoria..